Five Things to Consider When Booking a Meeting Room in London

Author: admin/April 28, 2015

Booking a meeting room can be challenging, especially the first time. In London alone there are hundreds of potential venues, and with different spaces accommodating different specific needs, it can be hard to know where to start. Whether you’re organising a video conference, planning the company AGM or want to impress an exciting new client, here are LEO’s top five things you need to consider when booking a meeting room.



Before you even start looking around for meeting room venues, it’s crucial to decide on a budget which will suit your specific business requirements. Different meeting room and event venues have different price lists and packages available, so find out before booking what you are expected to pay for, and whether or not there are hidden extras.


Arguably the most important factor to take into account, location can make or break the success of a meeting. Although it might be tempting to find a place relatively close to your office, you should consider where your delegates might be travelling from. To prevent attendees from arriving late, getting lost, or not showing up at all, the venue should be at a central location with good transport and communication links.

Venue Size

Meeting rooms are always available in a variety of sizes, and it’s important to opt for a size and configuration which suits your needs. Too small and the space will become uncomfortable; too big and it will look like half the delegates failed to turn up. In order to make the right choice of venue space, confirm the total number of delegates expected to attend and the type of equipment required. An experienced conferencing team will be able to place you in the perfect meeting room for your specific requirements, so take care to discuss your needs with your space provider.


Modern meeting rooms should come equipped with a comprehensive selection of amenities such as LCD projectors, flip charts, loudspeakers, and video equipment, , as well as givens like internet access and stationery. It is worth checking which of these facilities are available in your chosen location, and whether or not you will be paying extra for these services. Additionally, any meeting room provider worth using should be able to meet accessibility requirements for the disabled, whether this means an alternative room layout, specialist audio visual facilities or step-free access.


Since some of your delegates may be travelling great distances and will be spending long hours in your meeting, they probably won’t be too pleased if there are any issues with the catering. Even if lunch is provided, shortages of basic refreshments like water, tea and coffee will not be welcome, so make sure that catering for meals and refreshment provision are planned well in advance.


Whether it’s a one to one interview, team workshop or a game-changing presentation, the room where you hold the meeting sets the tone. From interview rooms to grand boardrooms, we have the ideal venue in each of our luxury London properties to see your meeting through in style.

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