5 Ways That Serviced Offices Can Benefit Your Small Business

Author: admin/July 12, 2017

For small businesses, cost is key. Getting through cashflow squeezes while finding the means to grow are familiar problems for any small business owner. A serviced office can help on both counts.

It may sound counter-intuitive – surely serviced office space is an additional cost that can be spared? In fact, the benefits of serviced offices are cost-related: there is no capital cost involved in fitting out an office, less time spent moving in and the flexibility to expand when the business grows.

Not only that, but a small business can create a much more polished image in a serviced office at a great location, and other small businesses using neighbouring spaces can create a valuable network for growth.

Low start-up cost – Fully fitted offices

The most obvious benefit of a serviced office space is that the bulk of your overheads are packaged up into a single monthly bill. Rent, business rates, internet access, phone systems are just the start. You can also have telephone answering and technical support – things that cause regular headaches for many small businesses.

Improved business image – Better looking office attracts the right customers

The right serviced office space in London makes your location into an advantage. By providing an exclusive business address in a prestigious postcode, serviced offices enable small businesses to present a professional and attractive public face.

Business neighbours – Can gain valuable insights, help and inter-trading

Serviced office spaces are shared with other small businesses who are often in a similar situation. Networking with other residential clients can be hugely beneficial and provide opportunities and assistance from HR and marketing advice through to find innovative technical solutions.

Flexibility – Allows the business to move if expanding

When small businesses grow, the growth doesn’t always happen according to the business plan

The major advantage of serviced office space is the opportunity it provides to expand quickly and easily. Need more desk space? No problem. Need an office twice as big? Pick the one suited to your needs.

The same goes for businesses that experience some volatility. Downsizing is as easy as upsizing so there’s much less risk associated with expanding the business

Do you recognise any of these problems for your own business? If you do, then you should consider moving into service office space. At LEO, we have a large selection of high-quality serviced offices in the best parts of London that will enhance your business reputation. Our fully-equipped offices come with tech support, building support and the latest technology. For details visit our Serviced Office page.