How to brief your luxurious office design

Author: admin/October 13, 2016

When briefing designers on your dream office, you want to make sure you’re going to get exactly what you want. Putting together a clear brief for your design team is key to helping them understand your vision so take the opportunity to consider all aspects of the new space, from the kind of atmosphere you want to evoke to what sort of charging points you’ll need.  Get detailed and have some fun with it by creating collaborative mood boards, visiting other aspirational offices and asking your colleagues for inspiration.

Step 1.  Vision

It may sound obvious but the best way to start a design brief is by explaining what your business does and the kind of office environment you’d like to create (relaxed, formal, quirky etc.).  Summing up what you are and what you want in a single sentence will help you to focus on the most important part of your vision and give your designer the overall feel of the project. Once you have established the main objective, talk about the mood and style you want to evoke, who you are doing it for and what ideals you want represent in your new space.

Step 2. Resources

Be realistic about your design budget and time schedule. Let the designers know where you can be flexible and what your constraints are with time and money so that they can give you a realistic proposal. If you are sprucing up an existing space, consider the implications of relocating whilst work is being done. Remember that if you want to carry out any major building work, office renovations are restricted in certain graded buildings so make sure you check the specific building regulations for your office and include these in the brief.

Step 3. Practicalities

A good designer will incorporate office practicalities into their design but its up to you to include these in the brief. Think about the requirements of each room whether its natural lighting, plumbing or a presentation wall. Attach examples of your room schedules, planning diagrams and adjacency relationships matrix to help the designers figure out the best layout for your luxury office and if, for example, the CEO’s office needs to be tucked away from the communal area, make a point of saying that too. A basic description of the equipment you will need in each room also helps the designers to know where to incorporate suitable charging points and space for storage and furniture.

Step 4. Aesthetics

Now you can start to have some fun. Deciding how you want your luxury office to look will drive the creative element of your design brief and create the ‘look’ of your overall vision. Talk about the sort of style you want to evoke; is it sleek and contemporary or boutique luxury? Next, include visual sources of information like mood boards detailing overall atmosphere, furniture, lighting fixtures and colour palettes. Make sure to include anything that you specifically want to feature as well as any styles you’re keen to avoid.

Taking time to put a design brief together can be exciting, but getting your vision onto paper can be time consuming and difficult. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, why not leave the hard work to us. Because LEO always makes sure interior design is at the front of their exclusive offices, they have a wealth of expertise and experience when it comes to briefing designers. Check out some of their luxurious purpose built offices to see if a LEO serviced office space could be a real alternative for your office design vision.