What Makes A Modern Conference Call Service?

Author: admin/February 19, 2019

Perhaps one of the less favoured sentences to hear in any office is ‘let’s jump on a conference call’, and that’s no wonder. After all, conference calls can at times be frustrating experiences for all involved. Whether it’s the technology acting up, people having trouble dialling in, or bad quality sound, there is often a problem encountered which interrupts the smooth flow of communication.

Therefore, having a conference call system that works, and one that people actually want to use is important. It not only removes a significant barrier to communication in the workplace but it’s also particularly important for improving communication in companies that have distributed teams and distributed clients. With that in mind, what do you need to know about meeting room technology to get the most for your conference calls?

Call Quality

The most common issue that arises from most conference calls is the sound quality. Usually blamed on a poor connection or old technology, instead the most common cause of poor sound quality are the modern-design, minimalist rooms in which the calls take place. Some offer nowhere for the soundwaves to be absorbed, creating echoes that will disrupt the conference call.

What you should be looking for is an office with modern, designed-for-purpose conference rooms which gives you good acoustics. The conference facilities inside it should be appropriate for the size of the room, and there should be something that helps break up the soundwaves.

Privacy and Security

Whether it’s an internal meeting or a client pitch, you’ll probably be discussing very sensitive information, so you’ll want to know that your conference call is protected.

The technology you are using should ensure that your call is only heard by those you want to hear it. You should have full visibility on every call and be able to see who is on the call at any given time. Not only should the conference software be encrypted to keep the call safe and sound, but you should also have an IT expert on hand at a moment’s notice for full protection.


The Technology Should be Easy to Use

One of the most important parts of a conference call! Spend less time unravelling wires, dialling in, ensuring that everyone is on the call and that there are no dropped lines. Conference calling technology should be bulletproof, and easily useable by every member of the team.

Choose a service that has a simple but effective user interface, making it easy for you and your team to manage call participants, share files and folders, as well as connect with collaboration tools regardless of where the callers are situated.

You should also consider how people can connect to the call if they don’t have access to any conference facilities. If you have a team member on the other side of the world, they should be able to dial in using a mobile phone or another mobile device, rather than just a desktop or laptop computer.

Make Sure the Connection is Good

In a world of businesses that are distributed throughout loads of different countries, you will need to have conferencing systems that allow remote workers and telecommuters to connect from wherever they are.

With that in mind, the systems and facilities you use should offer the same high-quality connections whether they are in the middle of London or a remote town in the United States. The Wi-Fi connection you use should be strong and stable, able to deal with even the slowest connecting computers. If you are using remote facilities for your conference call, then it is likely that you will be able to find reciprocal facilities in other cities.

Ultimately, there are many different things to consider when choosing a conference call service, so take your business situation into consideration when booking in your next call.

Whether you’re looking for luxury serviced offices or meeting rooms in London, you can stay assured that all of LEO’s premises are supplied with the latest high-quality technology to make the working space as convenient as possible for you.