Productivity And The Future of Workplace

Author: admin/July 27, 2016

What makes a working environment more productive?

With the average person spending around 7 hours a day and 35 hours per week at a desk, it goes without saying that not all of the time spent in the office will be 100% productive. In this article we explore factors which make a productive working environment.

The correlation between productivity and the workplace is changing rapidly. The obvious trends are the technological advancements and the mentality to work anywhere-anytime rather than the standard 9 to 5 working hours. Therefore, offices need to be adjusted
to accommodate those needs in order to boost productivity of the employees.
The offices of today will most likely be non-existent in the future, and will be replaced with futuristic working places with main focus being to improve wellbeing and boost productivity of the workforce.

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Main factors to consider for your future office

There are three main factors to be taken into consideration when designing a futuristic workplace; architecture, environment and technology. It requires a subtle mix of engineering, behavioural science, demographics and technology in order to boost productivity.

Biophilic Architecture: As mentioned in the Future Workplace report by the Raconteur, greenery and natural light are essential. Natural light and plants in the office can reduce high levels of stress and boost creativity by putting the employees closer to nature.

Open Plan Office: Office sharing layouts enable different people to work in the same space.  Such spaces promote collaboration and creativity and foster a more engaging place of work.

Virtual Reality: The importance of technology can’t go unnoticed. The upcoming VR applications around work-environments such as real time meetings, virtual tours etc. will be a great asset for the future.
Working Style: Emphasizing the personality and working style of each individual, the future workplace will adapt to those needs. Traditional and standing desks, modern seating, private offices or hot desking.


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In the last few decades it was expected to have an office layout with enough desks, computers and telephones for the workforce. Nowadays the office is a constantly evolving environment where flexibility and adaptability is key.

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