The Rise of the Digital Nomad: Why it’s Time to Embrace the Mobile Workforce

Author: admin/November 19, 2016

Since 2012, many British businesses have been anticipating that more and more of their employees will become mobile workers as the demand increases to work more flexibly, whether that’s at home, on the move or out of the office. Many companies have put in place plans to change their communications infrastructure to support this change.

Where has this Rise in the Mobile Workforce come from?

This rise in the mobile workforce is mainly down to “generation Y” or millennials and their different needs and demands, as well as the proliferation of laptops, smartphones and mobile devices. Because of the internet and mobile technology, the working day is no longer over when you leave the office. Instead, you can send emails, file reports, work on presentations and much more from the comfort of your own home, on public transport, even on holiday. Because of this, millennials expect to have the freedom to choose the type of technology that they use, where they work and how. This is the mobile workforce.


The Advantages and Disadvantages, and how to Deal with them

As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to the mobile workforce. Advantages include the ability to work anytime and anywhere, increased staff productivity, increased confidence in the employer, and saving money.

In recent research, 84% of all companies who viewed themselves as cutting edge in mobility report an increase in overall productivity as a direct result of incorporating mobile apps into their business. It comes with an understanding that what works for one employee may not necessarily work for another when it comes to productivity. The freedom of the mobile workforce allows each to find their optimum working habits.

With a mobile workforce, you may no longer need huge offices, instead you can benefit from the flexibility of serviced offices like LEO’s. The serviced office experience allows you to concentrate on your core business with dedicated business support. Furnishing, IT and telephony requirements are provided at all of our prestigious office locations whilst cleaning and security are also included in your monthly fee. This results in significant savings and reduced costs across the board.

It’s important to make sure that when you’re managing your mobile workforce, that you stay up to date with mobile technology, to ensure quick and simple communication and optimum productivity, as well as the right security.

You should also avoid the temptation to over control, and instead focus on cultivating teamwork, productivity and creativity.

Communicate regularly with your employees and set goals that are quantifiable in order to easily ensure that your employees are reaching expectations.