The Six Best Things about Working in… Midtown

Author: admin/July 8, 2015

Nestled between the City and the West End, the area of Central London known as Midtown is truly an up-and-coming area of London. With investment flying towards the area for a wide selection of regeneration initiatives, it has fast become one of the most exciting places to work in the capital. In today’s blog post we take a look at just six things that make the areas of Holborn, St Giles and Bloomsbury worth working in.

The Business Support

inmidtown is the business representative behind the Midtown area’s growing success. They have helped attract investment, improve infrastructure and implement exciting new business ventures within the district, helping to firmly establish Midtown as a truly desirable place to work in and visit. The company have implemented initiatives to improve Midtown’s sustainability schemes, public transport facilities and cycling provision, as well as facilitating community activities and running a crime prevention scheme, which has helped to reduce crime in the area by up to 25%.

In terms of creating a sense of local business identity and investment in people, inmidtown have rallied the troops, creating joint procurement projects with nearly 200 Midtown businesses with social, environmental and cost-saving benefits for all involved.

The Company You Keep

Midtown is the location of many of London’s most recognisable business names. Working in Midtown means working next door to some of the best in business, including Yahoo!, Warner Brothers, BUPA and Mitsubishi Motors. It isn’t just the corporations, though: Midtown’s accessible location and comparatively affordable rents mean that this area is becoming increasingly known as a haven for innovative startups and young entrepreneurs – a fresh spot for creative new enterprises to make their base.

The National Gallery

The National Gallery (along with its sister, the Nation Portrait Gallery) is one of the best things about being British, let alone working in Midtown. Founded in 1824, the Museum has enjoyed a long and prosperous history and is home to over two thousand paintings, including works by Rembrandt, Da Vinci and Van Gogh. Within easy walking distance of Hudson House and just a short Underground trip from LEO’s Central Court and 15 Old Bailey serviced office and meeting room locations, the National Gallery is perfect for lunch time explorations.

Lamb’s Conduit Street

A street in Bloomsbury named after William Lambe, in recognition of his contribution to the rebuilding of the Holborn Conduit in 1564, Lamb’s Conduit Street is today a gorgeous place for shopping. Home to Persephone Books, publisher of the works of lesser-known female authors; Darkroom, purveyors of beautifully unique handmade items for men, women and the home; and progressive food cooperative The People’s Supermarket, the whole street is a delightful surprise.

Scarfes Bar

Rosewood London’s Scarfes Bar is among the best bars in Holborn, just a five minute walk from LEO’s serviced offices and meeting rooms at Central Court. Styled like an old Gentlemen’s Club and drawing room, the bar features low-key lighting, a huge array of original artwork, over a thousand antique books and cosy leather armchairs to curl up in – and, when it’s cold, there’s a roaring fire, too. Serving creatively-curated cocktails and thoughtfully prepared Indian cuisine, it really is one of the highlights of the area.

The Crossrail

To add to its status as a truly accessible area of London in which to work, significant investments are being made in Midtown’s transport connections, with the route of the new Crossrail service due to pass directly through the area. With connections at Tottenham Court Road and Farringdon, the Crossrail will, according to research from ARUP in 2014, bring an additional 98 million people through the area. Additionally, Holborn Underground station is undergoing a £250 million modernisation, too.