Why should you use a virtual office?

Author: admin/October 5, 2017

Virtual offices are becoming more and more prevalent in Britain. It’s easy to see why – the ever-growing number of entrepreneurs and start-ups are keen to build their businesses without sinking large amounts of capital into non-core assets.

Technology is driving the change. It’s easier than ever to create a virtual office which provides a customer-facing business address in a great location at a reasonable cost. Operating a virtual office, where a virtual receptionist fields phone calls and forwarded on, also broadens your talent pool immensely – you can hire people who work remotely wherever they are. And for people who work from home, virtual offices create peace of mind and security in the knowledge that letters and packages can be sent to your virtual address without the use of personal details.

The benefits of a business address

It’s hard to build a business’s credibility when customers see the address is in Acacia Avenue or Greenwood Close. Clients are more likely to have confidence in a business which has a recognisable commercial address. Rent can be a prohibitive cost for new businesses, especially in central London. Establishing a business in the heart of the capital may seem totally out of reach – but a virtual office with an address as prestigious as Mayfair is easily achievable.

Building a better image

When you’re building a brand, every little thing makes an impression from the name and the logo to the business address. Having an address in Mayfair can create a positive impression which is unmatched by most other parts of the UK. This high prestige location offers the opportunity to open doors that might otherwise be shut.

Minimising cost

Office rent is a major business cost, not to mention the other parts of setting up an office like furnishing, maintenance and supplies. A virtual office instantly eliminates overheads – some estimates are up to £8,000 per employee.

Flexibility for contracts and staff

Virtual office contracts are highly flexible. There’s no need to be locked into a long-term lease which hinders opportunities to grow and react to your business’s needs. Adding extra phone lines and email addresses are very simple. If you need temporary meeting rooms, that is also easy to arrange without being tied to any long-term deal.

Virtual offices also create flexibility for employees. Your workers can do the hours that suit them, if your business model allows, and choose when they are most productive. The fact your business is not tied to a particular physical location also enables you to scout for the best possible talent.

Keep your home address private

Security is an issue for many businesses because of the type of work they do. Even for businesses with more straightforward affairs, the prospect of a customer turning up on the doorstep is not something to be encouraged. By using a virtual office address, with parcels and letters forwarded on, you can keep your home address out of the public domain.

If you think any of these points apply to you, then it might be time to invest in a virtual office. At LEO, your business will have a central 0207 London phone number with virtual receptionists fielding calls on your behalf. Our virtual mailing addresses are at central London locations including; Mayfair, Knightsbridge & Belgravia, Kensington & Chelsea, Victoria & Westminster, Marylebone and the City of London – and you can also use meeting rooms portfolio-wide . For more details visit our virtual office page.