Working from Home: Nurture Your Mind, Body and Soul

Author: admin/November 23, 2014

When done properly, working at home can be a dream. With a virtual office and meeting rooms available from LEO, there’s no need to travel to an office every day. Instead, you can have a much happier work life at home. In fact, it has a range of benefits that can significantly improve your mind, body and soul. Take a look at how working at home can make your life better.

No Commute

One of the main reasons that you might choose to go freelance and work at home is to cut out that stressful commute. Without having to get up at a certain time to catch that tube or to miss the rush at Mayfair, you are instantly more relaxed. Your minute commute to your home office means that you aren’t already aggravated by the time you get to work.

No commute contributes to a better work/life balance, too. When you work at home there are no delayed trains or a missed bus to blame or get frustrated with, making things less stressful overall.

Freedom to Decide Your Schedule

Previously published studies have shown that the more control someone has over their schedule, the less stressed they are. The benefits included lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, better quality sleep and less fatigue throughout the day.

Not only does this benefit your body, but your mind, and therefore your work too. Choosing when you work means that you have the freedom to work when your mind is at its best. For some, this is in the morning, and others it is late at night. Not being constrained to a specific time schedule will do wonders for your work ethic.

Making Time for Yourself

Not only will working when you want mean that you have more time for your family, it will also mean that you will have more time for yourself. When you’re in an office at a desk, you feel you don’t have time for a proper lunch break and you don’t make it to the gym as often as you might like. Working for yourself means that you can get a good seven or eight hours sleep, wake up for a yoga or gym session and a good, healthy breakfast of a homemade smoothie or fruit. Working for yourself means looking after yourself.

Choosing Where to Meet Your Clients

When you’re working for someone else, the meeting rooms that you’re presented with can often be beige and boring. Functional, but not welcoming. If you could choose, you wouldn’t pick the ones that you’ve been given. A pleasant environment will put your clients at ease, making your work easier. Luckily for you, you don’t have to meet in those rooms any more. You can choose the meeting room to suit your client and the way that you want to come across. LEO offers city meeting rooms and virtual offices, so not only can you have a prestigious central London address, you can also book out meeting rooms that look beautiful and professional. Your meeting room reflects you as a business, especially if you’re meeting clients for the first time, so you should choose the best looking one to be yours, so your clients leave feeling impressed by you.

You Don’t Have to Lose Your London Address


The benefits of working from home are also reaffirmed by the fact that you can use our city virtual offices to make your business more prestigious. With a telephone answering and mail forwarding services at a central London address, your clients will be none the wiser that you’re tucked up happy in your home office. For more details call the virtual office team on 020 3008 8889.